Tidal 10/15 

Commisioned by T.E.M.

Lewis has been busy freelancing in the events and live event field once more
with this amazing holographic Performance for Beyonce Tidel Performace

Project info 

T.E.M. Ran the content for the whole Tidal event,
Created iMag looks for 20 something artists of the A-list bill
But within the larger Tidal event, Beyoncé had her own “Mini” show! 

Lewis was brought on by T.E.M. to Help Supervise The VFX Production specifically for this Show with in a Show. Lewis helped intergrate with the onsite Film crew in Brooklyn NewYork, they where capturing 4K footage on an Alexia Mini, which then had to be Processed by the T.E.M. team.

From Previz to Show design and Sequencing. Lewis worked directly with Beyoncé and her Parkwood Creative Team. on every aspect of the Performance and the custom Video Effects created for the Mesmerizing Hologram Performance.

“I worked directly with Beyonce on creating the custom effects for her vision of the Echo Holgrams”  

“It was epic show. Chris & Chris of T.E.M. really assembled the dream team for this one!“

P&N Services

  • Film VFX supervisor

  • D3 - Creative Sequencing  [ * including sequence custom Notch Effects Blocks Created By T.E.M. ]

  • Motion Graphics and Video Effects

  • Colour Grading