The Red Carpet Event @ The Royal Albert Hall 2017
Commisioned by Bluman Associates For West Design & Production

Brought on board by Bluman Associates for a 2nd year in a row, Lewis was tasked once again to come up with a content refresh for EE and Bafta’s red capet event screens.

This year however with a big move in location, from the tradtional Royal Opera House to The Iconic Royal Ablert Hall, An oppitunity Presented itself to Bluman Associates to upgrade the physical screen design to commiment the new stage...

Lewis helped came up with this years stricking new sculptural visual design. which fully took advantage of the content from every angle but also leveraging the full canvas for viewers at home.

Part of the success of Lewis’s design for Bluman Associates was that he fully intograted the Physical design with the virtual content creation, creating a fully tailed and custom exsperience.

C4D Previz Enviroment Build for VR

D3 Visualization played a key role in mapping the vast array of lowres MiTrix LED in 3D Space

Lewis also helped incorporate a VR pre-visualization solution using Samsung Gear VR.

Bluman Associates were then able to previsualize the design using Maxon’s C4D as well as d3 technologies software. VR goggles allowed clients, EE and BAFTA, to get a tangible and realistic sense of the experience before sign off.

360° C4D Render for GearVR
Services By P&N 

  • 3D VR Previz Pipeline

  • Lead Content & Screen Design

  • Motion Graphics 

  • d3 - Mapping & Sequencing

  • Onsite content Support