GiTex Dubai


Commisioned by Marshmallow Laser Feast

An Interactive Map of The Future

Interactive Urban Data Visualisation - MLF: GITEX Dubai 2017 from Felix Faire on Vimeo.

Marshmallow Lazer Feast were approached by PRISME International to create an immersive urban data visualisation for the Gitex 2017 data and technology conference. The immersive data room allowed users to navigate a virtual map of Dubai using gesture controls and interact with rich sets of land registry, energy usage and transport data. Looking towards a future of how these sets of knowledge can inform and benefit residents, entrepreneurs and urban planners.

The 3D visualisation and interaction software was written from scratch in C++ using the Cinder framework.

Using real City Data to Drive the Realtime Rendered City


Client: Prisme International
Agency: Marshmallow Lazer Feast

Creative Director: Ersin Han Ersin
Art Director: Lewis Kyle White
Technial Director: Louis Mustill
Production: Uller Winkler
Mark Logue
Production Assistant: Aleva Romanoff
Creative Software Dev : Marek Bereza
Felix Faire
Motion Design: Andy Overton
Sound Design: James Bulley
3D Modelling: Ed Taylor