Mission Control UI - HOI Paris

Commisioned by Scott Millar @ Longerdays

Mission Control is a permanent installation in Nike’s recently opened House of Innovation store in Paris. It provides a responsive and adaptive, multi-sensory experience built to connect and inspire every city athlete* of Paris. Each screen delivers a unique stream of live Paris data including the city’s latest NTC and NRC achievements, an air quality index along with recommended times to train in the safest conditions, weather updates combined with seasonal product suggestions and a regular spotlight on local heroes.

In Collaboration with:

Nike Brand Design EMEA
Fiction Factory
Longer Days

just a sprinkle of @notchvfx and a lot of hard work from everyone else on custom @touchDesigner setup for @tallscott crazy 18 screen, 6 server, cloud controlled, fully sync'd realtime and video playback installation we put together for the incredible design agency Accept and Proceed for Nike HOI Paris Store.

The "we" consists of the best in the business:
Lead Touch Developer: @marcomartignone
Creative Touch development : @NickDiacre and @rburnsanims
Notch Guy: @lewiskylewhite
Producer: @hobbsterble
Web Development: Theodo London
Video Tech: @jonsharpevisuals
Servers: G2 Digital