AR Closing Ceremony 2022 @ AlWasl Dome Dubai

Commisioned by Bild Studios for FiveCurrents

Dubai Expo 2020 ended with a stunning closing ceremony in the Al Wasl Dome - the centerpiece venue of Dubai Expo.
Bild produced the broadcast AR utlilising for 6 tracked cameras all at 4k, distributed around the 130 x 130 dome volume. Bild also provided the full technical solution, including disguise gx2c servers, running Notch,Stype camera tracking and the full technical infrastructure.

“Notch as a system allowed us to adjust the graphics at every process stage. On top of all of the prep work that went into this show, we did a lot of editing throughout the night once we were there. Notch allowed us to edit aspects like the sunbeams in every way; the speed, contrast, positioning in 3D and the beam running along with the dome itself. Every edit was done quickly, live and in front of the client, speeding up the entire workflow and making it possible to finish the project on time.”

David Bajt, Co-Founder & Director at Bild Studios

Renowned events producer FiveCurrents commissioned Bild Studios to create the impressive broadcast AR for Dubai Expo’s closing ceremony – staged in its majestic centrepiece venue; the Al Wasl dome.


AR Notch content creation: Bild Studios

Technical consultancy  Bild Studios

Hardware supply: Bild Studios

Client: FiveCurrents @fivecurrents

Media server: disguise gx2c

Camera Tracking: Stype (StypeKit, Stype RedSpy) and XD Motion

Network and tracking monitoring:
Stage Precision

Bild Crew List ( A-Team )

Executive Producer: David Bajt

Senior Producer: Lauren Rogers

Production Coordinator: Christina Souris

Technical Director: Jamie Sunter

Technical Manager: Matt Villis

Creative Lead: Lewis Kyle White

Notch Artist: Marco Martignone

Notch Artist: Harrison Mead

Notch Artist: Lewis Baily

disguise operator A: Andy Coates

disguise operator B: Krzysztof Grabowski

System Engineer: Magnus Lewren

System Engineer: Adam Baston

Stype Engineer: Matko Borsic

Stype Engineer: Ivan Cajic